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Our Science Video of the Month:Starshot to Alpha Centauri

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How to Make Mars Mud
Party Tips From Commander Ed:
Top 5 Places for Alien Life
Top 5 New Rockets

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January : Huygens's Descent to Titan

February : Launching Satellites from Jets

March : The Falcon 9 Heavy
Picked by reader Jim Templeton!

April : SpaceX's Latest Booster Recovery Attempt

May : NASA's Asteroid Redirect and Capture Mission

June : Adeline, Europe's Plan for a Reusable Rocket

July : New Horizons at Pluto

August : Tour Weird Ceres

September : Soyuz's Bumpy Return to Earth

October : The Solar System Lights Up the Nevada Desert

December : Space Travel, the Simplest Explanation Possible

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Our group of homeschoolers LOVED the SpaceTime program, Rockin' Rockets! Ed kept the attention of a large group of kids for an hour with his fun and animated personality. And of course, the kids learned so much and want to all be astronauts now. I'm sure that we'll be doing another program with you all again. Thank you!
- Dana – Home School Coordinator