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Virtual Space Explorers

With Virtual Space Explorers students will get to explore the many wonders of space science and exploration including planets, moons, stars and black holes as well as the rockets, rovers, satellites and probes used to explore them right in the comfort and safety of their own home or classroom. This online program takes some of the most minds-on, out-of-this-world elements of SpaceTime’s standard programs and combines them into one multi-format, online outer space adventure. Activities include exploring the Solar System, witnessing what it’s like to launch into and live in space, learning how to build and launch rockets and spacecraft, searching for extraterrestrial life in our Solar System and beyond, taking a virtual journey to the red planet Mars and more.

I threw a surprise party for my 6 year old son and he was thrilled with the party. All kids were engaged and had a fun time. Two moms asked me for Space Time information to book their party.
- Marina G., Denver