Spacetime Adventure Programs!

As Colorado's premier space science edutainer, SpaceTime makes learning fun and meaningful with programs that not only improve science proficiency and empower critical thinking skills but also

Bring in the WOW!!

Our trademark "Focus on Fun" methodology lets kids go hands-on with countless space science gadgets, gizmos and projects that add a layer of fun and excitement to our programs unmatched in the world of science enrichment. From simulating zero gravity to building multi-stage rockets, we take kids on space science adventures that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Weekend Workshops

Spend your Saturday in SPACE! Throughout the year, SpaceTime offers 2-3 hour long Saturday morning classes at local rec centers. Each class is built around one of our Space Themes, and the extra time allows for more activities, such as games to find a hidden alien, or a real rocket launch!

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Parents raved about the wonderful presentation. We are very impressed. My son loved it!
- Doris F., Westminster