About Us

Ed Ludka

Ed has been a space science fanatic since he was a kid when he watched Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the Moon. Throughout grade and high school he put together numerous astronomy and rocketry clubs winning frequent recognition for his custom rocket designs and applications. His enthusiasm continued through college where he paired a Minor in Astronomy with his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Since that time he has blended his career in communications technology with his amateur astronomer interests contributing the bulk of his spare time to various astronomy clubs and societies. He currently chairs a neighborhood sky watch group, manages the Douglas County-based "T-Minus-5 Rocketry Club", is the Vice-Chairman for The Space EGGsploration Foundation and serves as a Volunteer Coordinator for The Planetary Society representing the State of Colorado.

Julie Ludka

Julie developed an early interest in children's education and well being through her participation in numerous community-based outreach efforts in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. This enthusiasm continued throughout high school and college where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Recreation with specific emphasis on recreational opportunities for underprivileged children. She has since combined her work experience with a dedication to children and their endless curiosity through leadership in various parenting and children’s groups.

The kids had so much fun and the Space Man had everyone involved.
This is the best party for the money!!! Kids will be talking about it at school.
- Terri D., Frederick